It's a shame Leaver and Toxic Player Moderation at lower levels is a joke


I joined Faceit for free a couple of weeks ago intending to upgrade my matchmaking experience from the standard CS:GO MM and am more than willing to pay for premium. Maybe this means my opinion is not worth anything to you, but my experience in my free “trial” period has convinced me that it is not worth paying for unless the moderation of players is significantly cleaned up.

While some of my matches have been awesome with great people/players, more often than not they have been littered with leavers, throwers, high ping players, and straight toxic garbage. I have reported players for afk or toxicity repeatedly and yet I will see them again and again in the queue.

Simply put, the FBI score seems to have nearly no effect on players at the lower levels and reporting is next to worthless. Leaver cooldowns should be significantly longer than 30 minutes, especially when they come in the middle of a game. It’s absurd that an afk cooldown for not joining is the same length of time for someone who leaves their team in the middle of an hour long match.

While I had high hopes for improving my matchmaking, my free experience with Faceit has actually been all in all worse than the standard valve matchmaking.


Hi @VrmiciusKand - I’m sorry to hear that your experience has been less than satisfying with FACEIT up until this point. While I understand that it can seem like the FBI system doesn’t do anything, our analytics of FBI data have shown that player’s who receive warnings, and have lower FBI scores, tend to turn themselves around.

As far as the leaver cooldown is concerned, I will definitely include it in my weekly feedback report to the development and product team :).

As I can see that you’d really like to enjoy FACEIT; I’ve added a month of Premium to your account so you may try the premium queues and see if this improves your time on FACEIT. Enjoy!


I agree with the part about the toxicity… it has to be stepped up by faceit and it has been requested several times, yet to see an improvement for just that.

Here is a thread i made a few weeks back: