It is necessary to leave with feysit because of the anti-reader


I was attacked by reports at the end of the game for nothing and after that I will have to play with anti-cheat, but I have a conflict with Windows and I have to leave Faceit. You can see that game with reports and you’ll see that I’m not guilty please remove this necessary in the anti-cheat.
Yes, and I play on a laptop for a go it will be hard.
Also I can not report to possible cheaters.
One was banned by my report.

Not at all received an anti-cheat for which I received an anti-cheat

Apparently, your account got flagged; therefore, you are required to use FACEIT AC client in order to be able to play FACEIT matchmaking. This requirement will NOT be removed.

If you are having issues with FACEIT Anti-Cheat client, please take a look at