Issues Logging In [20th Sept]


We have seen an increase in the amount of reports from users on both social media and support tickets in which they cannot login. At the moment, we need to collect information from users affected by this to determine what exactly is happening so that we can attempt to replicate the issue.

If you are having issues with logging in to FACEIT, can you please provide the following details:

  • Your Country
  • Your Internet Service Provider
  • A detailed description of what is happening, preferably with screenshots of the process.

Please do this on an incognito/private browser window to rule out extensions!

  • Country - Lithuania
  • Internet Service Provider - Splius
  • Login / sing up / account recovery is not working ( it just reload page ) . If is try to watch persons faceit account using his account name, it shows profile is doesn’t exist. ( )

  • Republic of Moldova
  • Moldtelecom
  • The site looks normal, the only problem is that I can’t login(After logining nothing happens) and I can’t check anyone’s profile(It says 404 page not found: AC too gives a weird error(


The site is not loading completely . Anticheat does not work and gives an error


the problem :
my fix : I just open it from chrome ingame


It will be fixed if you will remove add block or faceit helper


Are you now able to login?


the problem still remained . still not loading the website and there is no way to log in to your profile . and also writes all error from anticheat. faceit helper is missing , as well as adblock


How do you explain the AC issue ? How can Adblock or faceit helper influence it ? It’s more likely to be from the database(even though it’s still not explaining why not everyone is having the same issue).I suspect it could be some sort of connection issue, because from the looks of it only CIS countries have this problem.


I think he was referring the login issue on the website.

We believe that it’s an issue with routing, ISPs, or something outside of our control. As you mentioned, it’s affecting very specific sections of users, and we’re still trying to investigate, but because the users that can’t login aren’t actually hitting our servers (as far as we can tell), it’s difficult to work out exactly what the issue is!


I just disabled Faceit Helper and Adblock, so I can confirm those do not create this issue.


Yes, it’s something with the provider . since I’m using LTE with the phone I can go to the website . but using wi fi no… Also wanted to say that yesterday everything was fine. And Yes, h wrote that I can’t go to the site and extensions I have . And I can’t turn on the anti cheat.


Another update regarding the problem
Users that were logged in can play, while those who try rn can’t.
The guy is from Poland.


If it was a problem of connection I’m sure people who were connected couldn’t access the site as well.
From the looks of it’s a problem sided from your servers which don’t allow new connections.


While I can totally see that train of thought, the team have looked into this possibility, but they’re not showing any signs that this is the issue.

As I mentioned, it’s a very select subsection who are unable to connect and we’re trying to find the common thread between them.


Look at TheRikkieZ link posted . . this is what i meant to say. It will not help to fix problem right now


i can’t connect either. If i use VPN i can login to website but if i close the VPN the page will log me out. (I’m from romania).


Country - Lithuania
Your Internet Service Provider - Cgates
*** It just refreshes when you login *** Same problem as to other people.
Tried everything people are here offering, but the only thing that works is VPN.


Country: Romania
Internet Service Provider: Digi
Log in doesn’t work, i managed to log in through vpn, but loging in on the anti cheat just don’t work either the error is “error geting user data”.


Easy fix, press ctrl+F5