Is there a way to not play with Russians?


Hello there guys, I just want to ask if there´s a way to avoid russians in faceit. Like play on another server, ban RU somehow, I would do everything to not play with them. They ruined my MM experience, they destroyed ESEA, and now in faceit. I dont loose because I play bad or I have bad team, I loose only when they are russians. Literally, everytime I have russian team I can just go afk and wait until end. They have no brain, cant speak english, just crying cyka blat pizdec all the game. Its ok if they can play or they at least speak english, but I never met one that could speak english. All games I´ve lost, I had russian teammates. Literally every single one since Im playing faceit again. And kids in faceit? All 4v5 games I´ve had were because 10 years old russian kid got told from his dead to turn off pc. Is there any way, to avoid them? Im done. I just cannot play this. Even if I want, its unplayable. They are just trolling, throwing, raging. Don´t take it racist please, its not that they didnt have a good players, as they have bad players they´ve got players that are one of world´s best, Im even big NAVI fun, but 70% of cs go players are russians. Its hard for orther players to play with them, they are abusing me mostly only because Im not russian.


Everyone who wants to play CS:GO on FACEIT platform is welcome to do so.
Players can change country and region so it does not help.

In MM you can pick country to play with but its secret.