Is allowing party Que FAIR? Isn't this is the cause why Faceit is dying?


Well, I played 36 matches with this site and found out that this site having less and fewer players by days. I think this may be the reason or maybe I am wrong.

  1. Matchmaking
    This is one thing I could not understand how works in faceit. Cuz, I have seen really unfair matchmaking according to the faceit’s own tier system. Maybe their assigned skill tier is wrong or the matchmaking. I leave this them to decide.

  2. Allowing Party Queue
    Now, this is the reason I am quitting Faceit today. Cuz, there are some players in DOTA 2 abusing this fact and I am not sure how faceit is ok with this or did not notice this. There are some players with good experience like tier 10 and 9 making a team and queuing as parties in DOTA 2 faceit client. That leads to forming a really strong team against a really inexperienced team formed by solo queuing people with tier 3 or tier 2 players in the team.

How can be this is a fair game when the matchup is like this. I also talked to them to not to do this but they just flamed me and said if you are not good enough then don’t play here. One of them is actually the faceit member. Well, if this is how faceit works to cater only 4 or 5 people in the client then that’s it. I have no reasion to play in this client. No wonder why when I joined face it there were 4 to 5 matches was going on at a time on DOTA now it’s hard to find a single match.

Cuz, if we find the match then that is the team with party queue of most experienced players against us. Sometimes we play and just lose or sometimes people dodge in the hope of finding better matchup or just in their team if they left any spot.

Well, in the end, I could not find how to inform you about those 3 players abusing this system so I just writing down their name DUMBOI ( Indonesia, tier 10, Member, DOTA 2 ), -Ling ( Indonesia, tier 10, DOTA 2), -Chassssssst ( Philipines, tier 9, DOTA 2).

This is it. I don’t think my leaving faceit matters anything to you. But, if you are making this is the place for 4 or 5 people or helps your business system then fine. I just thought I should report you this is happenig in DOTA2 SEA region that’s it.

I would be really grateful to you, if you just replies to me that you have read this feedback if not that’s ok too. I can understand. Goodbye, can’t say was a good experience though.