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Hey ther everyone! I am found of PUBG, CS:GO and Dota2


Hello! I am Loren! I have been playing First Person shooter games since 2003. My first game was Delta Force Black Hawk Down. I played it from 2003 to 2016. After that my boyfriend purchased Counter Strike Global Offensive and I have just over 3k hrs to date… I personally enjoy the competitive environment of fps games however I do recline and relax back with games like Elder Scrolls Online and simulator like games… Personally I am going through alot of medical related issues from an incident back in October of 2014. But still love to compete when i can. My last lan party was in 2007 and my first lan party was in 2001. I have attended some Vlan parties however its not the same experience as of packing up all your equipment and lugging it to a major party. I run a two pc setup where both systems are merged into one system… I have a Gaming pc and a Streaming pc both systems are gigabit linked directly to each other and gigabit linked to a sub switch for redundancy and main internet access and local network access. I do host my own web email servers along with several asterisk pbx systems for amateur radio use… I am a General Class Amateur Radio Operator. I am a thirty two year old woman located here in southern IL USA and although enjoy fps gaming today’s kids are very disrespectful and hurtful towards women in game whether they really realize it or not its still wrong either way… I am a twitch and youtube streamer for fun…

So I get asked what got me into gaming… Honestly I can’t answer that I think its because my brother played on the computer some and i always caught interest in it… Then I started really catching interest in windows 98se a couple of years in windows 3.1 lol… Those were the days you thought you were hot stuff back then… Today I use linux for servers and Windows 10 pro for gaming… But before windows 10 i did go to xubuntu studio for 4 years during the failed windows 8 disasters…

Gaming Rig Streaming Rig

I am not going to talk about all my systems here i have several servers which run various things around here including my amateur radio hobbies and hf rigs and all sorts of servers…

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read my introduction!


Hello everyone!
I am Mark. I live on Miami, Florida. Currently, I am Marketing Analyst.
I love movies, music and video games. Mostly I play CS:GO and Battlefield 3, 4, 1, Hardline. Also I love to travel by car.
Hope to find here friends, maybe teammates.


howdy partners


Hi everyone,
Happy to be apart of Faceit community.
My name is Fadhel, i’m 27 years old, Originally from Yemen but i was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Currently playing in the Middle East Hub server Counter-strike Global Offensive previously playing only on EU servers, would love to contribute to this community and hopefully its becomes my career and discover more about the gaming community in Dubai <3



Excited to join here been playing faceit for a few months after the hubs launch so that was awesome. Just grinding till I move up to higher levels


Всем привет. Я играю в кс и люблю FACEIT. Как связаться с админом?


Hello from Turkey,

Playing CS:GO and try to learn something about the API’s of Faceit and creating some own projects. :slight_smile:



Привет всем
зовут Кирилл в основном играю в CSGO учусь в 11 классе ранг supreme


Hi, my name is Kirill, I am 14 years old. I’m from Russia so I write this text in the translator, I love to play cs: go spend in this game from 2 to 6 hours. There is a problem I have installed Windows 7 32-bit system and your applications require 64-bit system. What am I to do?


hello csgo players
My name is Jamse and i live in korea
i play only csgo in faceit but im noob:stuck_out_tongue:

  • im network programmer in korea