Introduce Yourself



Nice to see you here too man :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work


Hello, my name is Jeff and I’m in my last year of university studying IT / CS. I mainly play CS:GO and my goal is to improve the user experience in the hubs I manage.


My name is Zurab . I’m in College in my second year of IT. In my spare time I spend in cs go .


Danish player. Working on getting russians outta here. They should have their own servers as they refuse to speak english.


MMORPG and FPS gamer since the early 90’s. I’m a dad, a pilot, and avid gamer… Love Space Epic MMORPGS and have been playing CS since it was “half-life” bought off the shelf at our long lost beloved Comp-USA. LOL.

I just got a insta ban for some confusing message about my joystick (i do not have) needing to be set to 0 instead of 1… however the console does not respond to “joystick 0”… so no clue how to fix… and since FaceIt Insta banned me for “AFK” during a match (it never let me all the way into the match)… i guess i cant play with you all. Unfortunate… was looking forward to a non hack, non troll community. :frowning:


Hello, I am a 21 year old active hunter and a climber of ranks, currently sucking at rank 5 when ive been as high as 10 :slight_smile: Sometimes playing well, sometimes not, but allways having a positive attitude towards teammates and opponents. Trying to make the platform a better place with my great suggestions due to my long career branching from early years of Css to this day.


Hello all.

I am studying a Master in physiotherapy at the University of Southern Denmark and I’m finishing my final thesis in the summer of 2019. My thesis is about the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain/issues with gamers and in that context, I am searching for possibilities regarding my method.
I am planning to design a questionnaire to collect the necessary data and distribute it to competitive gamers. Therefore I am wondering if it is possible to distribute a questionnaire through Faceit, if yes then how and if Faceit is interested in a collaboration.
As I side note I am also very interested in hearing if people have other ideas on how to distribute it. The population is competitive gamers and the goal is to gather as much data as possible, with a high reply rate on the questionnaire.

Best Regards
Matias H.
Aka Pilfinger.


Hello guys.

My nickname guideJk, I’m from Russia. I play in CS 15 years, with 1.5 version.
Love CS:GO, and have in this great game 6k hours.
Play on more servers, work with SDK and manuals.
Search good team for play in my love game.

ps. With Love guideJk :stuck_out_tongue:


My nick is stojkexxx im from Serbia and i play LoL and WOT


Hey am from russia and i will play cs:go and I want to achieve new heights, and on the navai platform there are many opportunities that will teach me a lot. I do not want to play MM because many just use cheats and enjoy the game you do not get. The desire to disappear, there are many strong players who have to learn
My gamename its Liz_er


Hello came straight from ESEA, RANK A+ 12RWS consistent 98ADR monthly. IM…

Ready to shit on faceit players :slight_smile:

I like the community so far :smiley: It doesn’t have shit ranking system <3



My friends call me zarcs I hope we can have fun here in this community and help each other by suggesting what is good.


Hello community,

my name is Thanh, i came from Hanoi, Viet Nam and i playing CSGO and Dota2…hope to see u guys iut there


Hello all,

My name is Roy, I am from South Africa. Head Admin of the league and currently play CSGO


I am new here and also new in faceit.
I play CSGO.I am a little bit noob but i try my best.
Hope to have fun in forums:grinning:


Hi everyone! I’m Vlad, i’m 19 and i like to play dota 2. I’m playing in this game for 5 years and it’s awesome! Hope that i will get some funny time here


my name is Eugene
i like to play Dota 2
and i have in dota 2500 hours in the game)


Hi! Victor Ledney 27y. (ENG.GER.RUS.UKR)
ZBCstudioq - In Dota2 was a semi pro. After started organizing Dota 2 tournaments and pushing e-sports in my region.
Playing PUBG from Early access - TOP 100-300 EU TPP and FPP Solo
Playing Leagues like GLL, HotdropGG. 2700+ hours. Name: Shit_is_Real
Getting a lot i highlight videos with shroud, doc and other top plyayers:

Now i stream PUBG and focus on social media & content creation.
YouTube, Twitch and public (worked with torrent-games, h0lyhexor, Stream Wall, EEGdota, Generalqw, Empire Esports) Now i stream full time PUBG



I like a lot the faceit that has moved to pubg section too cogratz for that.
So lets start my introduction here.
My name is Theodore i am a tech computer support and winemaker, i am 26yr old and i am from Greece, i love games i was playing from 2004 fps games and my achievements as a gamer it was top 10 at the world at Medal of honor allied assault spearhead, i was playing smite at faceit it was nice because the matchmaking is balanced and now at mid of august i start playing pubg a lot at the faceit client and i love it.


My name is Paul Grobler. I started the EGLSA (Esports Gaming League South Africa) and hope to grow the esports scene in South Africa helping players with a growth path in the sport and hopefully doing it on the FaceIT platform. I have a passion to see people succeed and grow. I lecture in IT, have a adventure ministry, IT business and also run a paintball league and paintball association in the country.

The SARPL (South African Regional Paintball League) is the largest national paintball league in South Africa and through our South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) we also send our national representative players and teams to compete in the world championship events abroad.

I hope to achieve similar success in helping to grow the esports scene in the country from what I have learned over the past 8 years running the paintball league and association in South Africa.

Hopefully with the support from FaceIT we can see a positive growth in South Africa with regards to esports.