Introduce Yourself



Joining a new community can sometimes be a bit daunting, so please feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself, what games you play the most, etc.!


Hello all,
congz faceit team for the new forum,
so im a 23years old student in digital marketing field from Tunisia, passionate about video games and esport (csgo & lol),my main game is csgo actually :wink:
my rank is ge ^^ and i play all kind of games for fun


Hi all,

name’s Bob,
I play CS and have been active on FACEIT CSGO for a while now, nationality is Dutch
rank is global and I enjoy playing tournaments with my squad, besides that I like browsing reddit comments and hltv stats.


Hey everyone!

I am so excited that faceit finally implemented a forum system. Now we just need it linked in the website and some component created for faster interaction to the forums.

Well anyways, names NEX and I stream and play CSGO. I’m lvl 10 on faceit, rank A+ in esea, and currently playing for Mentality Esports in ESEA main and CEVO intermediate. Looking forward to faceit’s continued improvements for the community!



I’m going under the nickname LiNDEE. I’m playing CS daily and I’ve played it for 1.5-2 years now. I mostly play faceit and sometimes I do play ESEA too. I got really excited when I first read about the faceit forum. I’d like to see what the forum can bring to us in the future with more features and stuff.

Hope y’all have a great day!



My nickname is ‘‘GR0WUPZ’’, I am 19 from Latvia and i have been playing on faceit for a good year and a bit now.
I went to Faceit finals in London and met some pretty cool people (Shroud,allu,robban,Elige,) and many more, if you wanna have a look there is my steam link the photos are in artworks.

Enjoy the new forum :slight_smile:


Yo I’m on my road to fpl


Hello all,

My name is Cristian , I’m 27 years old. My nickname in cs:go is endien ; and is a pleasure to meet you all.


So just a noob dota 2 player looking for a team to join online free tournas at sea server and read forums here too


About Me

Hey there :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
My name is Saar, I currently live in Israel :israel:.
I also manage CSGOIL which is an organization on faceit.
I found things that are related to PC very interesting :robot:.
Come hang out, I don’t bite :smiley:


Hey guys!
I am Haxzer, 20 years old playing csgo from Norway ^^

Hi where do i find someone to play with

Hey, FaceIT!

My nickname is Spillberg, 25 years old from Bulgaria. One year ago I decided I want to improve in CSGO and play on a better level, and FaceIT has been a great in helping me improve as a player and as a person.


Hi Everyone.

My nick is Lovely and I am new here and love to see an active forum and hope to help everyone around.

Enjoy reading.


Hi there.

People have a tendency to call me Richard, probably because they think im a dick (badum tschh), or because my id claims thats my name, but i’d rather be called Grouch in these sort of situations.

I’m a 33 year old swedish guy without any formal education or job (dont be me) that likes to click on things so that they break, and then report the issues to whomever owns the things which functions I break.

I’ve been playing on FaceIT since… I cant really remember but its been since the first day I found out that there was another platform than MM/ESEA and ive loved it ever since day one!

My potato pc keeps breaking down so basically the only game I can play is CS:GO but I enjoy a variety of other games aswell.

I created the unofficial FaceITEU pug “team” for players in the EU that wants to gather and be able to write “looking for a player for a premade” etc, i got the idea from #pcw on qnet back in the IRC days, just to show my love for the FaceIT community <3

Hello guys and girls! :wave:


hello folks,

people usually call me rahardjo. im from Indonesia, been living here since i was born xD my nickname is Dumboi. for now i used my time to play dota, well if any of you also play dota on SEA region, feel free to add me :slight_smile: cheers


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Hello there. My name is Leo and Im origianlly russian guy 19 y.o.
Im currently playing cs:go, pubg and some other single games.
Playing faceit for 1 year and few days before I bought premium. My rank is ge and faceit lvl is 7.


Hey. My english isn’t perfect but i will try tell you as much as posible about myself. I have 18 years old and i want to organise (in the beginning) tournaments for my friends. I’m playing League and cs:go. I dont know who will read it so i have request - can you tell me how i can get more options in faceit tournaments? Thanks :wink:


I find many personal similarities between you and me.
You seems to be a nice dude, thanks for being in the community.


Hey! good to see you here man :wink: