Instaban - new member cant even play 1 game


Joystick is set to 1 needs to be 0. Instruction is to change this in console… all “joystick 0” input into console is rejected by cs:go… FaceIt insta cool down bans… SO GLAD I DID NOT CLICK PREMIUM.

Im brand new… shouldn’t there be some leniency on your first few placement matches prior to the insta-ban? Just saying… i should have a chance to configure the game so it actually lets me join before you ban. I’ve been gaming since the early 90’s… never has MMORPG and FPS play been so difficult for queue. What happened to the days when we could just join the server and queue for a match?

SO disappointed… I’ve been wanting to play on non hack, non troll servers for years, ESEA is a no-go due to OS mismatch, FaceIt would work, but some stupid error regarding a joystick i don’t have, and a console command cs:go doesn’t respond to. Very disappointed. Back to Valve Crap servers i guess.


Non troll servers haha

You’ve come to the wrong neighbourhood