Insta Ban as soon as i join?


I just signed up… ESEA will not support my OS… Faceit sounds great… Spend some time setting up here at FaceIt, launch the first game… CS:Go pops a warning up stating i need to change my joystick in console (interesting - i dont have a joystick)… so i fumble for 5 min…(i’m sure pissing off the others in the queue)… typing joystick 0 frantically in the consol to no avail… after 5 min… i get a cool down ban on FaceIt.

I suppose i’m only allowed to play with the hackers and trolls on the valve servers… thanks for the huge let down FaceIt… I’m happy your servers at least launched my game, ESEA cant even get that far… but to insta cool down ban me on my first match because there is something wrong with your code wanting me to force some kind of joystick console command (that cs:go does not respond to typing Joystick 0 in console). I cant wrap my head around this… SOO GLAD I DID NOT CLICK PREMIUM. I’ll give this a few days but i doubt i’ll be able to play here either. ALSO… no support request options for FaceIt is very strange… you cant ask for support here at all??