Information for a friend


Okay so I’m writing this on behalf of a mate of mine. Not sure if these types of posts are allowed on this forum but here is his following appeal -

"This Morning I woke up to a Faceit Ban, Now this was a complete shock to me as I have to my knowledge not broken any of Faceit’s terms of service. So I was immediately confused. I’ve been apart of the Faceit Community for over 3 years and to think I would cheat, grief or be abusive all of a sudden is shocking. Hence why I’m so confused as to where this ban has come from.

I have a reputable Faceit & Steam account, lots of High Tier skins and had over 500 matches on Faceit. I had literally just re-subscribed to Premium last night and then this morning received a 2 year ban. Please could a member of the Faceit team get in contact with me as the Ticket support is nothing but automated responses, whilst I appreciate you get many requests for un-bans I genuinely have been banned wrongfully and have had no response as to why that’s the case.

Thanks for hearing me out, below is my Faceit & Steam information.