Indian Servers



As an old member of your prestigious platform, I would like to present my gratitude to your organization. Its been a delight to play on your SEA servers regularly, but there is an overwhelming number of Indian players who are desperately waiting for you to install servers in India. Right now the only options we Indian csgo players have are Matchmaking servers and SoStronk. As you already know about the current state of Matchmaking servers, SoStronk an Indian platform is not even able to provide a sub-par level service.

I would like to bring this to your notice that SoStronk is currently charging $5 premium membership a month from their users, which is almost same as yours but the quality of service is not comparable to yours by any standards. Indian players are paying for their premium services even when SoStronk is not even able to provide an Anti-cheat to its users.

If somehow you are able to provide your services to the Indian community it will not even boost your sales but also help the growth of E-Sports in India to a great extent.

If I could be of any help please let me know. I would be honoured to be part of this fresh beginning.



It would be nice to play under 50 ping for once
Since we don’t have servers in India we have to play on SEA which sometimes result in 100 ping
Which is literally unplayable
Hope to get servers in India soon :slight_smile:


we are stuck with this shitty sostronk
trust me on this.
WE ALL LOVE FACEIT AND EVEN after getting 100+ ping we still prefer faceit over sostronk
having servers here in india would be soooo damnnn great
faceit please make this happen <3 !


It will be awesome to play on indian servers not just for Indian players but Players from Pakistan will also able to get low ping, there is only sostronk available for us but they are not that upto mark, we get 100 ping + on faceit sea, please install some servers in India too


Getting a faceit server in India will be like a dream come true


it will be awesome!


We,the member of CS Go India community would love to have your back and support as we do love to play on faceit platform. The updates and anticheat helps alot in order for a clean game. Sostronk is a platform similar like Faceit but they ask us to pay $5 premiumship for good for nothing services.
We’d be waiting for your generous help and support and we assure that we will help you in establishing growth of Esports

(Tasneem Wasim Siddiquee)


we all are stuck with this shitty sostronk…

we love faceit and even after getting 100+ ping we still play faceit.
having servers here in india would be soooo cool
love to play with 40-50 ping
faceit team please make this happen


Yes we want indian servers in faceit too . here in india we have sostronk but we can’t play because they have no good anti cheats . so many cheaters in this shit . please bring indian servers in faceit


Faceit Hear us for once


Yes FACEIT Needs to install their servers in india so Indians can enjoy good service


Yea, that would be awesome. I would buy faceit Premium then