Including hostage scenario maps


i really think that faceit should consider adding hostage scenario maps to the map pool as a different category to choose from.
im a premium member in faceit and the only thing that is missing for me is the ability to play maps like cs_office which i love, in a non-cheat environment like faceit.


We have run a handful of Hostage Map weekends but, at this time, we’re not looking to add them to the map pool or an alternative map pool. It’s possible that it could be an option for hubs, but that’s yet to be decided.


is there any negative side-effects to the community or to the company itself for having hostage scenario maps on faceit that im not aware of? it seems like faceit and ESEA are both avoiding them like the plague xd
i for one hesitated to buy faceit because of the fact that my fav map which is cs_office is not included.
and if there is such negative effects, please do tell me.