In another q


In another que bug please help. Im stuck in que for fucking week already. It cannot be that hard to fix.



Same here! Stuck in a que and nothing helps! Nickname Whiskeyb


Same shit here. Also stuck in QUE.


Seriously, how is this not already fixed?


Im getting so pissed off about this… last goddamn day before i have to go to work again and cant even play. why the f am i paying for this

shouldnt take two hours to cancel a fucking queue


Your issue should now be fixed :slight_smile:


can u fix mine too, have sent 3 ticket about that same issue and u havent answer me back or fixit…

and make another thread here also!!!


can you fix my Faceit as well.
Nickname: Mikkel_Tv2
i have been in another que for a week now.