Improve the community




I have some time playing CSGo a game that I am passionate about since 1.6. I enjoy watching and learning from the tournaments like the one that is doing faceit now “the major”. I like that the servers are good even better than those offered by Valve himself. But I still frequently encounter the same problem and that the community is 70% destructive. for some time I have found racist comments (which I do not care when they are towards me because I know that there are extremely stupid people) people who only enter the faceit platform to destroy the experience of the others only because they have fun . which I thought I would have a solution making the report that you can do at the end of the game, even in the same game. and apparently there is no sanction for this type of people. which made me stop my monthly subscription. my purpose is to learn and improve in the game maybe get to participate in some big tournament but with this type of people that only deteriorate the experience of this game I chose not to spend more money because the same way I get the same group of people for free here in faceit and in Match Making. if anyone knows any secret community that really wants to go ahead and want to improve in the game invite me because I think that faceit does not listen to its users and does not establish a permanent ban for business reasons, but in reality report to people in the game and on the platform it does not help. I really want the community to improve but the main stakeholders FACEIT seems not to be interested in continuing to earn money.