I'm paying you to play on this platform and 50% of the time i can't join the servers


I pay you so I can enjoy 128 tick servers and actually good CSGO, but for some apparent reason 50% of the times I try top play on your platform I get “Connection failed after 30 retries” or “You need to have FaceIt anticheat enabled” or “Your steam ID is not allowed” messages. And everytime I have my anticheat on and logged in, I’m playing on stable connection and have connection to everywhere else than your server and my Steam ID should be allowed since i ctrl-c ctrl-v the server ip to the console and still I cant play.
The rest 50%, are 40% games where someone else cannot join and 10% actual 5v5 games. So all my time goes to waiting for my last ban to get lifted only so I can try my luck again if I happen to be able to join your servers. Never gonna pay for this garbage anymore. Fix your shit and I shall reconsider.
Also the reporting system is horrible. Played with a player who kept shooting teammates and shouting in the mic and spamming the in game chat and all your admins could do is to send me a message where you say: “take screenshots and record videos so you have proof” like wtf cant you join the server and come see by yourself I’m trying to play not take some screenshots and videos whenever someone is trolling.