If you stay in a Party your partyleader can get you into games without your knowledge



With the recent change, that only the Lobbyleader has to accept a game, there have been some problems
I have received two afk bans recently despite not even knowing that I had been in a queue for those games.

The problem is: If you are in a party (or you didn’t leave the party the last time you played) and your teamleader starts a queue for 5v5 game and the teamleader accepts, you are in a game. There is no check, if a user actually wants to play a game. I was still in the Lobby from the day before, my mates didn’t pay attention while starting the queue. Since I didn’t know about this game, i didn’t connect and received an AFK ban (this happened twice now).

Suggestions: -automaticaly kick inactive players from a party after some time
-make an afk check before starting a queue
-make each player accept a match again
-give the ban to the party leader since he is responsible for starting a queue


I have brought this up before with the team, albeit quite a few months ago. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it on :slight_smile: