Ideas for Faceit


I was told to post on this forum some of my ideas from the Faceit reddit so here I am. (Sorry If I’ve posted in the wrong section for this.

Solving the issue of Elo boosting :

So I’ve noticed and a lot more people have as I’ve seen numerous complaints about Level 9/10’s queuing with level 1,2,3 etc to gain elo by being matched with on average say level 4-6. Now I’ve personally had this problem in multiple games recently and in almost all of them the level 10 was rubbish and the level 2 carried them.

Solution : 5 v 5 Should be only allowed a 2 level rank difference when queuing in a party. Similar to Valves Matchmaking system. This will allow people who solo or premade in not a full team not get dodgy games as the average ranks should be similar.

5 v 5 premade should be an exception to this rule however as I know some high level players will want to play with their legit level 2 friends. So they can do so without 5 v 5 people getting placed in games with elo boosters.

Low hour accounts :

Their seems to be a huge problem on faceit with new accounts (usually avoiding bans or smurfing) I’ve recently again got someone banned who had 30 hours and his main account was 1500 hours with a vac ban. Why should I queue in a game playing legit ( I have way in excess of 4k hours have to play against some idiot who’s cheated in the past or made a smurf account ).

Solution : You should start at Level 1 with 0 elo! That should have been changed ages ago I can’t believe people at faceit think it’s even a good idea to start people off so high. The bonus elo for winning at the start is also a piss take. You’re allowing cheats and smurfs to come in at like level 7/8 after a couple of wins and ruin legitimate players games. Alternatively you could also be very bold and say only accounts with 500 hours can play on your platform! That would cut down the amount of people using duel accounts either to smurf or avoid a ban which is against your T&C’s in the 1st place!


So we all know the Faceit AC client is a good tool at catching cheaters… Wrong! The amount of times I’ve sent demos in on twitter, support team that have been so obvious it’s unreal and it’s taken you ages to do something about it is beyond a joke. I’ve played 14 years of Counter Strike and to have watched some of the demos I have and seen these players still avoiding bans is beyond disbelief. The problem is you need help. AC is only going to get you so far.

Solution : I think it’s about time FACEIT and tbh I’ve said this for years that Valve should be implementing too! Is ID for your account. Sending in a photo of your ID and allowing that to be linked to your account will not only limit the amount of cheaters willing to hack but make it more difficult for them to re offend. I for one would be more than happy to upload my Passport or Driving license in order link my account to me. I’m sure that other people would too if they knew that the chances of people remaking new accounts after being banned will be a lot harder and also the deterrence of those who will go on to cheat in the future.

I don’t know how hard it would be for you to implement a system like this and how you could cross check peoples ID’s to make sure they aren’t using the same ID but I’m sure for a Leading Company like Faceit in the third party match making scene It won’t be too difficult to make the system work!


Finally the problem with mac users and linux users. I’ve seen time and time again people post about “are mac users or linux users ever going to get an AC client” The information coming out of Faceit is quite frankly laughable. I sometimes wonder who’s working for you as you have 1 person saying one thing and another person saying another then another person saying something else. It’s like some of your staff aren’t clued up and that surely lies with the top of the chain. You’ve previously stated you don’t currently have a MAC or Linux AC client. Which is fair enough however you went on to state you were working on it.

Now I’ve seen on multiple threads people asking after two years is it coming out and these are the types of answers from your staff.

“We are currently working on it but for now it’s only available on windows”

“We currently don’t have a MAC or Linux Client but we are looking into it”

“We now have no intention at making the MAC or Linux Client for now. However that might change in the future.”

How the hell can the community know what is happening if you lot don’t have a clue. Or if you do why doesn’t your staff…

As it’s been two years and I’m going to be honest here! WILL YOU JUST SAY YOU AREN’T GOING TO MAKE IT! The lack of communication is shocking but also the fact you still have people on mac and Linux buying premium and then left unable to pay is a bit of a joke. I’m hoping you’ve been refunding people or you should be making it more clear to everyone who’s not on windows.

Anyway that’s my two cents on things. Would love to hear back from someone.


I think that if people are queuing 5v5 with 5 premades, then the search should go on the basis of the maximum ELO or LVL in the party, and not on the average.

5 v 5 Should be only allowed a 2 level rank difference when queuing in a party.

yes, with that I agree.
nvm my bad english, I’m poor russian :stuck_out_tongue: