I win this is mission # 9thGenLaunchEvent Intel 9th Generation CPU!



after the victory 9 days have passed but someone has not contacted me

In the clutch of my prizes my reward is not displayed as an i9 processor

please tell me what you need to do to get the information when they send me my prize



What date or text you get in “Ends In” ?



And what happens when you click?


transition to the section https://www.faceit.com/ru/settings/prizes


You have this CPU on your order list?


Not have


Must have


it’s not there, what to do? no one contacts me


I look through my mail every day, waiting for a letter with instructions


Request support ticket



silence 5 days


7 days*


there is a time limit in which they respond to the ticket ?


Iam just user but as I can see they are inactive.


Tell me where to turn when the support is silent? to make this case public?


They should answer you.


What do you think how long I should wait?


Sometimes it will take 2days Max so I suggest request another ticket.


I will listen to your advice and then try to solve it in another way.