I was kicked for a day for being afk before my first match


Hi Guys, I am new to FPL. I had just made an account today to play. I wanted to play a match to see what it was like, so I queued up. Little did I know, my computer being a bit slow after a fresh restart (because I had to install Faceit Anti-Cheat), it took me longer than usual to get to the sever. Because when I queued, I got into a match, and clicked “Go To Server”, which lead me to opening Steam (which took a while to open), updating steam, and it took a while to get to CSGO, and then it also took a while for CSGO to open, and then for me to reach the server. By the time I reached the server, I was back in home-screen of CSGO and a message said that the match was cancelled. When I tried to Re-queue again, it said I was banned for a day for being AFK too long. I didn’t know that this was going to take longer than I had expected. Is there anyway to unban me, I would really like to play FPL tonight.



you should be able to play when the match finishes.


@illusi0n1g Thanks! I think I am able to queue and play again.