I think this is unfair

For me it seems pretty unfair that i pay for this experience to play here, not even half of the warmup gone and teammate starts spamming music trough his microphone and wouldn’t stop after many times telling him. ROUND 1 this guy agrees on our tactic but does exact opposite. We tell him nicely to play along with our strats to benefit the team and what happens…this guy goes full mental, chat spams salt and spins in spawn, we call admin on round 1 of the game and he says we have to finish the game. He could’ve just cancelled it seeing the situation and everyone would’ve been playing other match in 2 minutes. Paid my bill because i want to improve and rank up, is this how number 1 platform for cs treats its players. This guy will get notification that he has been toxic and i lose elo.(heard from teammate that he played with this guy few times before and almost same happened).