I playing match versus cheater!


Hello, a few days ago i was playing on faceit versus cheater in enemy lobby.
Profile - https://www.faceit.com/en/players-modal/oloroSo/stats/csgo
He was playing without FaceIt Anti-Cheat and have 89% winrate. Also 1st lvl on steam profile and special buy CS:GO for this. He use hacks for boost her friend - https://www.faceit.com/en/players-modal/Likey1 . If you watch her demos you can saw some super reaction and feeling of all positions and movemend. My game versus this ‘pro player’ - https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/62b6162f-1c1a-4b0b-aa37-96791f8e35a3 . I dont know where i need to write this post and i going here. I think you can help me! I am already report them, but i think you can do it fast. All my friends who played with me ( two 6x lvl and one 5th ) said that he is too strange. I like play on faceit and competive but if it legit without hack. Thanks for read that and sorry for my bad english!