I played a match yesterday and won buts its not showing up

So I played a match yesterday 02/06/2019 … and I won it but its not showing up and I through it would come later like rest of my match history does. So i went on today to check and I started a game but I noticed that I still had 2 loses in a row

The map I won on was train


i got same problem to

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I played on inferno with my two friends and two random persons (nickname of my friends was Forcapital and Wolfie) and we won game with count 16:14, but faceit has crashed and it’s not showing up too and I haven’t elo for this game.
It was 02/06/2019. We start the game near 10:00 ±15 minutes and end this match at 10:45 ±15 minutes.
I will give you more details if you contact to me.