I need help! where is my subscribe FACEIT>?




My name is Vitaliy, my nickname is geshpaanets. My acc id https://www.faceit.com/ru/players/geshpanets. Today, i’ve bought a subscribe 6.99$ for a month. I paid with my PayPal account and i have a chek.
I paid for subscription and have a receipt of payment. My card was debited, but the website face it I still offer to buy the subscription which I already bought. I wnat to play with my friend who did it with me for his account and we have problems for this youre mistake. PLS help. Activate my subscribe pls!!!


Hey @geshpanets - If you have already submitted a support ticket, please wait patiently for a reply.


Hi @geshpanets, as @KeT0M has said, you will need to wait on the support team for this one. I have taken a look at your account and cannot see the subscription at all (as in, nothing went through). The Support Team will be able to investigate further with Xsolla and see the payments etc. :slight_smile:


thank you
they get my ticket)