I hope this guy is not part of FACEIT Staff


A typical game where someone constantly blames others, reveals their positions, throws. What’s interesting is that this someone is working for FACEIT, the support team. That’s really disgusting towards FACEIT organization, ruins their name for me.

Here’s the guy I’m talking about:

Here’s a screenshot of him revealing positions, not the start of his toxic behavior.

I would just like to know if he’s actually working for FACEIT. Lowering his behavioral index might be a good option in this case as well, but that’s not going to prevent the pain to the people he’s going to play with in the future.


I doubt you will see these actions from Faceit staff or support members.


Thanks for clearing that up for me! Sorry, i messed up, should’ve wrote “might be” instead of “is”.


Its ok. Dont forget to report players for bad behavior.