I have problem with kick system


what the fuck, get banned from faceit just cause got kicked really? , wtf

so im playing faceit premium match, and my team full of lv 4 player and just me who lv 1 and im getting kicked by them just cause im bad, what the fuck really? and im back to faceit page and want to playing faceit again but when i click the play button ,message showed up and that say youre get banned for leaving match until friday mar 9 10 pm, what the fuck really ?

okay okay so if you trying to get a job in real life and failed to get a job in real life you must suicide,you must die? what the fuck,

fix your fucking shit system,and unban me now
or return my money
fucking cunt
fucking shitty csgo platform


My Ban is not justified what can I do?

If you think that your ban is not warranted or is to long then you can dispute your ban by creating a support ticket and our 24hr Customer Support Team will investigate your claim and either reduce or remove the ban for you.

In your ticket include the match room URL and the reason why your account cooldown is considered unjust. Provide any proof that you have in order to be able to prove this claim.

Please Note: Any cooldowns under 12hrs will not be removed and you must wait for the temporary ban to expire on your account before being able to queue into our system again.