I got DDOSED in a Match


Okay so Earlier Today in was in a CSGO match on faceit and this dude named "

Elctro" posted a link in the chat and said “Hey I made this Thumbnail for my friend and Idk if its good” So I clicked on it and Nothing Loaded. So i was like okay whatever maybe its just my internet (idk if this actually has anything to do with it).
So then in the match he started getting mad at me in game chat and said that I was talking Sh*t, which wasnt true considering I had never had an conversation with him. I said what are you talking about and he said “sure” than he said he was going to DDOS me and I got scared. Sure enough the next round I started getting major lag and was spawing in random locations. At this time everyone in my household lost all wifi connection. On top of that I now have a mm ban for leaving. Please resolve this. I have attached screenshots for proof. Although I dont have the match chat.


Mby next time dont click on scam links.


So your telling that your such an pathetic mod i say all of that and thats your response. this forum is a joke. you are a joke.


Thats your responsibility. What you expected?!


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Are you even going to try to ban the user or do you really not care?