I got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct


I am a 17 years old student who’s main activity is to play cs. ( please don’t comment to go outside or whatever)
I have 5 000 hours on cs go and I’ve learned a lot about toxicity. I’m always that guy who tries to bring the team up, Even with toxic teammates. I’m that guy who talks calmy to these toxic players trying to get them to stop throwing rounds. Yeah, i motivate toxic people. Why ? Because i’m dedicated. It’s simple : d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d.
Since september my elo goes from 2300 to 2400. I’ve played many many bad games. Getting insulted, shot by my teammates was a habit. Now today I had a bad day. I got on the pc and started cs to stop thinking about all the things going arround me.

I think this is the game that got me banned. Getting insulted everyday is alright I guess, but there always come a moment when you lose it. I already got a message from the behavior index but let me know if you think a ban was necessary.
My message to faceit: Please do something about the community.
The same toxic people get to queue over and over again ruining people’s day while i’m here trying to get better through this.
I just checked some of my teammates profile, and one of them was playing. I guess none of them got banned.

Best regards, A french student who’s giving a lot to faceit, and just gets shit on by the community.