I got banned for time out



I got banned for time out, cs didn’t work and half players could not connect to server. Can you please help in this situation and can i get unbanned? https://www.faceit.com/ru/csgo/room/1-f2ddeef2-5f05-4f30-98a8-dd49df4cc93d


You should tell your captain to call live Admin (Support -> LIVE CHAT)


Happened to me exactly the same, i was Captain and support/admin didnt come, they just dont care…


I’m banned beacuse I wanted to go to the match in 1 last minute, but I couldn’t beacuse of STEAM !
I have to wait 4 shit hours. Btw my friends started next match and they’re unbanned. @supporthelp
ps: I wasn’t captain


me too https://pp.userapi.com/c847221/v847221678/1bfe09/YE9tX5wTXVU.jpg