I got banned 24 hours for unsportsmanlike conduct


Is there anyone to save me from this madness ? I play 20 games a day on faceit, to try to win the alienware computer, im literally first in the race, i played 394 games this month, and i just got banned for 24 hours. I dont think you guys know what playing 20 games a day is, i have premium and im the captain on 99.99% of the games i play, if i start listening to every random person that is telling me to veto this and veto that, id go crazy. I tried, i did it for most of the times, i literally sent a message to the support asking to be removed from captain because i was going crazy. The support told me that there was no way to do that, and i should ignore those people. Which i did , and guess what, now im banned from queuing for 24 hours, when there is literally 4 days left until the end of the alienware community night. I have no mic, and people blame me everytimes we lose a gaine, so as soon as we lose, i get reported, as soon as i say anything, i get reported, people say ‘gg, i troll’ because i didnt choose their map, then they report me at the end of the game. All day you play against premades, levels 10, that have nothing to do here, russians that doesnt speak english, you can only go crazy. I tried to keep it up, but there is so much you can hold. The second on the race is some french german guy that is playing with pro germans players, 5 premades level 10 queue, and they obviously win all their matchs. So im here fighting in solo queue against this guy, and now i get banned.
Im so pissed off


Nothing to actually do about this because your not just lucky. In my 1600 games I never get 24h ban. I think you might be little bit toxic too.


Yes obviously, but i get reported for not vetoing what people want, i get reported for not having a mic, plus i get reported for being toxic sometimes.
So do i have a chance to not get banned with the new fbi system ?


Actually you are right because sometimes you get reported for small things like not dropping a weapon etc. Thats why I play tournaments.
I actually never report a player even if hes trolling etc. There are just noobs and low skill braindeads who report every game. Its like need to make your team mates happy otherways you will be banned.


Ill try my best to not be banned anymore, thanks for the help. Faceit Mikey is as nice as the legend says. Thanks to him for this nice gift. See you in the games guys.


@tettete It’s because of the last update to the FaceIt Behaviour Index (FBI) . I play for around 12-16h a day too and couple days ago, i played against 3 premades who lost the game, needless to say they reported me , found them in 4 more matches and they kept reporting. One of them was actually griefing pistol only. Long Story Short i got banned for 24h because i got reported by same guys over and over again.

FBI is good and all but it shouldn’t be based on the last 3 games, it should be overall like ESEA Karma is and positive feedback can’t be given by premades.
Because i mean you can get how many positive reports you want but if for some reason someone or a group decides to grief report you in a couple games you get banned as easy as that. It all comes up to how tilted each player is basically which is dumb. Specially when players consider advice as flame which is way too common.
Honestly i hope they change this but until then you should get on your knees and beg for upvotes every game it seems.

Proper example of this is that i had 1097 FBI and now in 1 game i’m at 973. So didnt matter that i got positive in last games. It was reset and now im back in black.

You are temporarily banned from joining the queue. Reason: unsportsmanlike conduct Ban ends: 11 Jan 2019, 09:43 CET