I don`t have missions


i buy premium acc but i don`t have a missions?please help me


If you are on the faceit client i can see it by doing this:



thank you man! but all that you showed me I just do not have it


What is your faceit profile link?

If you just bought premium it might take some time until you have the premium, there has been some delays lately as i understand.




Try clean cache/cookies and re-login.

Or preferably install Faceit client.


same sh*t


I’m not sure, it might be because you didn’t have premium when it got resetted.

To be honest I’m not sure, you might want to make a support ticket and wait for a reply there.


Hey @Qpaaa - It seems you haven’t played any FACEIT games between 23rd June, 2017 and 23rd December, 2017.

Please take a look at what has been said about FACEIT missions before:

Please note: I’ve moved this thread to Community.


that is, if I did not use faceit from 23rd June, 2017 and 23rd December, 2017, then I will not have a mission?


why then write that when you buy a full premium account, you get a job? why make such a deception? Of missions only work under defined conditions?


Bare with me; I’m going to ask the Missions Team what should be happening here :). I’ll have an answer for you ASAP!


ok! thank you. I will be waiting


I spoke with the team, and it seems that you should see the missions, at the latest, early next week. This is because the missions are still being rolled out and lower activity accounts are recieving them slightly later in the rollout. Hope this helps!


thank you, I will be waiting next week


and so today a new week has already begun and I have not been given any missions


I checked with the team, and it’s still planned for early this week. Next few days you should have access to them!


It’s been 3 days since the beginning of this week. Where are my missions?


I agree sadly, make another support entry and try get a hold of them again.
Let us know how it goes!