I could not log into the server and 3 more people from Russia too


When I try to log in to the server, I write an attempt to connect to the public (ip), and after 10 attempts I get an error “10 unsuccessful attempts to connect to the server” or something like that. Because of this, I got a ban yesterday for 30 minutes, and today at 2 o’clock. Is it possible to take off? https://www.faceit.com/ru/csgo/room/1-7309d8e5-671a-44ee-ac7d-d2ac37106d4a
By the way, before this was not, it began to occur after yesterday’s update


same problem
2 guys from russia “retrying public”
fix dis pls ban 2hrs


same problem here :slight_smile: antycheat working bad todya



me too… and got ban 5 hours


These solutions do not work, as I noticed. Players can not connect if they have the operator MTS (popular in Russia). I doubt that for the sake of playing on your fucking platform, everyone will change the provider. THIS IS A PROBLEM ON YOUR SIDE. WITH YOUR SERVERS. WE ARE NOT GUILTY. THIS IS THE BEGINNING TO BE HAPPEN AFTER YOUR FUNNY UPDATE WITH SERVERS. We require corrections, or removal of bans. And better, that and that. https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/1-f580fc7e-b2e8-4df2-8af4-b6667cb68f73 (I got a ban again, because of your fucking server system, great work faceit)