I can't believe FACEIT tournaments are so terrible

I am in true disbelief that FACEIT is actually that fu*g stupid to implement such a terrible tournament format. Recently I’ve been trying to play the CS:GO Probationary Series. Since i do not have a full team i always have to sign up solo 1 hour before the tournament starts. And here is the thing:
I find a team with 4 random players just to get kicked out of the group 10 minutes before the tournament starts. Then most of the time the tournament is already full and I can’t participate in it anymore. This happened 4 days in a row now and i wasted several hours for nothing. People don’t even get a “queue-up restriction” after not accepting, so they just queue up again and do not accept again over and over just to piss off people.
k you FACEIT

update Now I have finally been able to play a tournament for players with FACEIT level 4-7, and the enemy team had a level 10 player. I this a f**ing joke???