I cannot stream due to FACEIT anti-cheat



Здравствуйте,поддержка FACEIT! Надеюсь вы меня услышите и ответите. Дело в том,что ваш anticheat Faceit некорректно работает,при игре в Counter Strike Global Offensive в игре все хорошо,идет поток на платформу Twich,но при запуске вашего античита и игры на фосейте вместе с античитом ,сразу начинаются лаги,anticheat Faceit плохо влияет на программу OBS , есть ли возможность ,чтобы вы выслали ,лично мне другой какой или исправленный этот anticheat,чтобы убрать эту проблему или как по другому играть faceit и стримить свои игры на платформу TWICH?
Hello, FACEIT support! I hope you will hear me and answer. The fact is that your anticheat Faceit does not work correctly, when you play Counter Strike Global Offensive everything is fine in the game, the thread goes to the Twich platform, but when you start your anti-cheat and fox game along with the antichit, lags start immediately, anticheat Faceit badly affects on the OBS program, is it possible for you to send me, personally to me, what other or corrected this anticheat to remove this problem or how else to play faceit and stream my games to the TWICH platform?


Hi @scroo1

Just to clear this up, this is not FACEIT support. This is a place for players to come together and discuss topics both related to FACEIT platform, your games, and anything else that abides by the forum guidelines.

As to your issue, please take a look at Having issues with our anti-cheat client? and read it carefully. There is a short paragraph about FPS drops/stutter which may be useful.

If none of the tips from the article mentioned above helps, please make sure you have Use anti-cheat compatibility hook enabled in OBS.

If it will not solve your issue, please consider contacting FACEIT Support. If you decide to get in touch with them, please include as much detail as possible (e.g. OBS version, operating system version, PC specs etc.).