I can´t add cs go in my account



I send emails too the support but nobody asnwer me … when i click to regist my game just say “cannot register your game” i dont have ban´s and i play 25h more… my steam id if u can help me please.

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Why i can´t cs go in my new account?

Hi @krusher93 - I’ve removed the steam information you posted as it included sensitive data. Please be more restrictive when posting this information publicly.

You will have to wait on your support ticket, as we cannot help you on the forums with this issue. When did you submit your ticket?


two days ago . i sory about the info i put there … but my friends just play face it now and i wanna play too :slight_smile: too much time to resolve my problem


the ticket is that:

Hey there,

Thanks for contacting FACEIT!

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with registering CS:GO.

We can see from your account this is due to your steam being already linked to another email address.

Sadly, we do not give out email address information and once a Game ID has been added to an account it cannot be removed as per our ToS.

We advise that you visit our website and click the “Forgot Your Password” option. You will be asked to enter your email address however, by power of deduction you should be able to figure out which email address you used as you’ll either receive the password link or you won’t.

I hope you remember it! :blush:

Kind regards,
Customer Support Representative


This is a fucking shit site … im tired… i have a new account and i cant regist the game on face: error to register the game? wtf is that? is my new account … and the support face it dont do anything… i can send 3 , 4 , 5 ou more mails and they say the same shit always and never help my problem ? 3 or 4 mouths looking for solution and nothing…


Hi @krusher93 - when you say “I have a new account”, do you mean a new steam account or new FACEIT account?