I can not create an organization for tournaments



I can not create an organization for tournaments. When I fill all the fields with “create-tournaments” the button is not active. what to do?


Hi @eliotzor - please take a look at this support article:


I’ve moved this thread from Developers > General to Community.


and? button CRATE is not working anyway


I’ve just double checked, and if you select yourself as the Organizer, the only other thing I had to fill in was the name.

The name has to be between 5-30 Characters Long. Could you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?






Very odd, I tried the same thing and it didn’t work either. I’ve sent this through to our Organizer Manager to take a look at.


keep me informed when there is news


Ah, @KeT0M just pointed out to me, your “Experience running tournaments” is under the 20 minimum character limit.


Extend that section and you will be good to go!


ty bro :0