I bought this account from a friend for a long time


The fact is, I bought this account from a friend for a long time. I wanted to create a new account and tie the game, but I did not succeed. I ask please unbind the game from this account so that I can play with my friends from my account. Thank you for attention. Paul.Дело в том, что этот аккаунт я давно купил у друга. Я захотел создать новый аккаунт и привязать игру, но у меня ничего не вышло. Я прошу пожалуйста отвяжите игру от этого аккаунта, чтобы я смог играть со своими друзьями со своего аккаунта. Спасибо за внимание. Павел.


Hey @Mini_Shake.

Game accounts can not be removed from profiles in order to prevent circumvention of FACEIT policies, and to uphold the Game providers User Agreements on FACEIT platform.

Also, buying or selling a Steam account is forbidden.

C. Your Account

When you complete Steam’s registration process, you create a Steam account (“Account”). Your Account may also include billing information you provide to Valve for the purchase of Subscriptions, Content and Services and any physical merchandise offered for purchase through Steam (“Hardware”). You may not reveal, share or otherwise allow others to use your password or Account except as otherwise specifically authorized by Valve. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your login and password and for the security of your computer system. Valve is not responsible for the use of your password and Account or for all of the communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login name and password by you, by any person to whom you may have intentionally or by negligence disclosed your login and/or password in violation of this confidentiality provision. Unless it results from Valve’s negligence or fault, Valve is not responsible for the use of your Account by a person who fraudulently used your login and password without your permission. If you believe that the confidentiality of your login and/or password may have been compromised, you must notify Valve via the support form (https://support.steampowered.com/newticket.php) without any delay.

Your Account, including any information pertaining to it (e.g.: contact information, billing information, Account history and Subscriptions, etc.), is strictly personal. You may therefore not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may you sell, charge others for the right to use, or transfer any Subscriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use) or as otherwise specifically permitted by Valve.

Source: http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/

Can I buy or sell my Steam account?
Steam accounts cannot be bought or sold.

What happens if my Steam account is found to be bought or sold?
If a Steam account is found to be purchased or sold, the account may be locked permanently. Please refer to the Suspended Steam Account article for more information on account restrictions.

Help! I lost access to a purchased Steam account. What can I do?
We cannot provide assistance without confirming that you are the original account owner. Any purchases, CD-Keys, or wallet funds added to the account after it was sold will not be considered valid proof of ownership. Please see our Proof of Ownership article for more information.

Source: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7496-ROJC-3719