I bought a free league subscription for money


Hello. A week ago, I bought a subscription to the EYESPORTS(https://www.faceit.com/ru/organizers/8e077584-ef4e-4342-b154-96a92ed2210e/EYESPORTS) to play in the QIWI Teamplay HARD 1x1 Ladder hub.(https://www.faceit.com/ru/hub/1aa6b11f-2491-4276-9ed9-85f3c7f2c343/QIWI%20Teamplay%20HARD%201x1%20Ladder) 1 season passes, but the next one does not start exactly this hub in which I played close. And the league itself becomes free. It turns out I threw out my 5.5 dollars to empty. I ask you to return my subscription money to me as this league has become useless for me. I’m not going to play 5x5 mode there and wait for the game for several hours due to poor online. I hope for your understanding, thanks