I am getting rekt in Faceit pugs by obv. cheaters



How should i even grind the game and be a part of the community if i get rekt by cheaters in several pugs
For example: https://www.faceit.com/de/csgo/room/90e30464-5876-4656-827a-f1f767d193cf
this is my last game! there are at least 3 cheaters against me shooting me thru smokes with scouts and having “the god read”( just walling ) i wont play faceit if this game doesnt get deleted and the cheaters not banned!!! they saying they were smurfing and so on but it doesnt matter if they were smurf, i would accept it like that if they are obv cheaters i saw like the whole demo and it was helarious.
I would really appreciate if any admin would reply on my topic, cause i wanna be a part of the faceit community and not feeling that cheater problem