I am a skill level 2....i got matched with the rest of my team being lvl 1 skill and the enemy had 2 lvl 4 skill....i dont think thats a fair match up and of course we lost



What you say is so wrong because you cant expect from life to be fair and easy going.
Dont think about lose or win because at end of the day you earn Faceit elo points. If you play with strong team like with lvl4 etc. and lose, you dont lose any or little bit elo because of skill gap. But if hight lvl lose they can lose mutch more.
I can siggest just play more DM and stop blame each other. Watch demo to get more nolige and game sense…



i do understand what you’re saying…and i never called them cheaters, i was getting pretty salty tho because of the skill gap


Players nowdays only know how to kick and cant take criticism. Faceit has issue with active admins who can join live. Thats why ESEA is still more player friendly.


i am a decent player, i know much about the game and how it works, im MG2 in MM and im stating to play faceit more often than mm because i dont like the mm player base, i was just concerned about the skill gab and how it wasnt really fair to us…my team was really trying to win but we just couldnt because of lag and other issues


Never blame server etc. Its your problem. If your scared of any lvl above you its not your place. Faceit players are the same as MM players. Get a grip.