How to prevent people from hacking?



-Don’t let people join to Faceit who has less than 750 hours in game. (To block smurf boosters for premium leauge points)
-Don’t let people join to Faceit with private profiles.
-Don’t let any person (non premium or premium) start game without Faceit AC.
-While matchmaking, don’t let server to pick players like 4-4-4-4-4 vs 9-5-1-4-1 because that 1lvl can be a 10lvl smurf (which sucks balance) or wallhacking info giving player (which means team cheat). And try to pick people with played match count close to each other.

Those are my thoughts, any plus or minus do you have guys?


Removing people who dosn’t have 750 hours played is a bit too harsh, just enable the AC on free people aswell and let their system put people where their rank should be.