How to delete an account on the faceit?



Hello, how do I delete an account on the league? And is it possible? The fact is that earlier I used 2 accounts and did not know that it’s impossible, it was blocked, I just want to return my nickname, which was on that account. And change it with sairexbest on sairex. I will be very grateful for the help.


Hi @sairexbest

Accounts on FACEIT do not get deleted. You can ask FACEIT support to deactivate your account, but I do not think this is what you really want.

Your best bet is to contact FACEIT Support and ask them if they could help you with your issue.

Please take a look at:
Account Deactivation
Change my Nickname


What is the reason why FACEIT accounts doesn’t get deleted if i may ask?


Why can I not delete my account?

Anything that has been ‘greyed out’ on your account fields is done so in order to provide proper security to your account or to prevent players from circumventing our policies in regards to our Terms and Conditions, Ban Policies, and the Subscriber Agreements to the games we currently host on our platform.

If you want to know more, please read Account Deactivation


Ooh yeah, i read that but i totaly forgot that the steam id is linked to the account.
I understand the reasoning for it.

But it still a tame explanation because the account and the personal info that is being witheld hidden in the system could easily be removed while still having the account Name and the linked Steam ID attached to it to make it impossible to deactivate the account and then re-create an account witht the same steam id in case of a ban.

I’m a guy that won’t delete my account, but i wish you could in a way because i too accidentally created an account with another steam account before i realized it was against the rules (which i dont play on since then), and im also a guy that cares about my personal information being in some database so thats why i asked.

Thanks for the answer man



New support article has been published. Please take a look at Change my Nickname.

Please remember that a Nickname change can only be purchased by FACEIT points earned ingame.

Support will not be able to help with “Swapping account names” or gaining other users Nicknames