How to actually nerf PA


Make blur not have 0.75 second delay on reveal.

That’s literally the only reason why playing against PA feels so bullshit right now. She can jump on you and get at least two hits in before you even get the chance to react. There is no counter play to this as even with fast Movies series world reaction times, you won’t be able to respond until she gets at least a couple of hits in (with a ghost scepter/euls).

The crit has always been there and it’s not as broken as people make it out to be. The blink strike change while being a buff doesn’t feel overpowered. The dagger is fine as well. It’s just this mechanic of 0.75 appearance time regardless of sentries/gem etc. it’s a first for Dota and I don’t think it’s a good precedent. It requires no skill, no maneuvering as you can just blink strike in immediately and the enemy has no chance to react.

PA should be fine even with the change as she can still blink in from way out of range, her targets will actually have a fighting chance before she gets a crit in. Audio feedback is a lot harder to register in Dota than visual feedback (especially with a dazzle ultimate going on in the background) and just seeing her would help a lot.