How player Avoid ban!


So we have played premade on faceit, 5 of us… we are not bad at all, but not pro players either. We played against some okay guys, but one guy was new account, shooting trough smoke, giving headshots, prefire triple kills, etc. Of coure we lost, he by himself had 35+ kills , other guys 10, 11, 4, 7.
I have reported him live chat to admin, as i was captain of our team, and as well whole party reported him after the match.

BUT last round, when the match was allmost done, THAT player left the match!!! And guess what? On faceit HE was registed like AFK !!! Like he left the game!!

So they got their win and Elo points, we were fucked, and of course he was not banned after…

The player name is “mopoz”.

This topic is just for faceit admins, just to pay attention to such a things.

Because of things like this, people will more and more switch to esea…