How many hours do we need to connect csgo to faceit?


i currently have 30 hours on csgo and my profile set to public. but when i try to connect csgo it say i do not meet the requirements to connect csgo to faceit. i have seen alot of people have this problem but never seen an answer on why. so my question is how many hours do i need or what do i have to do ?


me too +


same +


replied that he did not disclose this information


We’ve introduced a minimum number of hours required due to the game now being free to play. Please play some more and try again.

We will not be divulging the number of hours required at this time.


So we are going to blindly play until we have the right hours? Why is it such a big deal to reveal the hours needed? I have Prime and even with prime i get faced with cheaters. I was going to play FaceIt, but I guess I have to be stuck playing csgo with people who cheat which makes it even harder to continue playing. FaceIt was literally the easiest way to get away from all of the cheating, but I can’t even do that.


seems fair to me… :slight_smile:


so how many hours do i need? anyone know?