How delete video from page?


my subscriber has created a video on twitch. and this clip was added to my faceit page . How do I delete so that it is not on my page?

How to delete videos from my profile?

I’m actually unsure of how this is done, or if it’s possible. I’ll reach out to the product team for you to double-check if it’s possible and, if not, I’ll see what we can do about it being added as a feature moving forward.


add a function so that you can delete a video from your page, because I don’t need it)


@BrokenFrames the video has been removed from your profile. The functionality to hide or remove videos is in our backlog.


TY! so fast! i like it ! :slight_smile: <3


So, I already don’t have any videos on my twitch profile, but have it on my faceit-page. How can I delete this? And how can I set some options, which let not to add videos on my page?


i need help with this too :smiley:


removed video from my page too ty :slight_smile:


Hey @Swill Swill - can you help me to remove videos from my channel also??

I really don’t why they are there :smiley:



can you help me?


swill , i need ur help again, delete videos from my profile please , very thanks again! :slight_smile:


@Swill can you help me to remove video from my channel also??