How can i contact admin on faceit ? Can he delete 1 game from my games history completly?



We won the game from the score 3-0 and we have 2 types started dizmoralit and toxic after he began to merge the game to give info to opponents to block smokes in the face and throw flash drives, after we have 3 types come out of the rink and I stay with toks, you can do with um something is dishonest, I haven’t done anything and I just have elo, and it’s not fair when I try and my and it’s kind of dishonest when I try to try and my random teammates try to me to merge the game with my non-sporting attitude just to merge my game this match. Pls something do, and give my elo back PLS


trolls, throwers, and toxic players are something that every cs player deals with. if a admin deletes one game from you then others would ask the same. it would just cause a huge pain, so i highly doubt its going to happen sorry bud