How can i contact admin on faceit ? Can he delete 1 game from my games history completly?


Asking if Admin can cancell 1 game from my matches history cuz it wansnt game it was torture to spend time on . I had 2 guys that were thrashtalking whole team and when u gave info they said “stfu we f*k ur mom…” after 3 round of this 1 guy started killing himself ending game with stats -12\17. They were going out on open positions on map just to get killed and give info to enemy team… losing hope in humanity but they were from poland so …
Me and other guy asked if they can play and stop being toxic but they wouldnt and they said we are not going to win the game… just dont want to play faceit anymore cuz of peoples like this and u can’t even kick them like u could in MM. Majster and 1bullet1hs. PLS Report them. I even think about making yt video about those toxic guys cuz in 4kh playing csgo i never meet something like this and never felt so bad after game.


you’re going to meet trolls and toxic people playing videogames, welcome to the real world. i can personally guarantee that it wont be deleted because they have better things to do. you played through the match so the match counts thats how it works