How about turning friendly fire - ON?.... This is ridiculous!



Hi there!

I have been thinking about that friendly fire is off. How can some people base their strats on:

  • “mate, just run through my molly! No friendly fire”
  • “Mate, just run! We will double nade and you will still be 100 HP after”
  • “Mate, just run through my negev spray because, NO FRIENDLY FIRE! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D”

It’ shouldn’t be like you need to watch out for the pushing madness into friendly molotovs without taking damage… Or running in front of your spraying friend without being damaged.

I think it is annoying to play with or against. Please turn this feature on. Even regular matchmaking has this feature…

Friendly fire
Molotov / Friendly Fire off

I have experienced those “run into my molotov” taking drop control strats while playing de_cbble. It can become annoying, however, I think the reason why they keep friendly fire disabled is to prevent griefing and to be honest it seems reasonable given that some people get upset easily and they may start doing damage to their teammates.

Keep in mind that you can always try to counter those crazy strats by e.g. throwing your molotov into theirs and then watch them burn when they try to take advantage of lack of friendly fire.

If you want to play with friendly fire on, you can always play FACEIT tournaments. I believe those have friendly fire on.


That’s a good and a bad idea, and ill explain why.
Good -
You will not experience those

Bad -
We all know those people in MM who shot you for no reason (you all know what im talking about).

So, conclusion: You can always experience competitive CS by playing tournaments as @KeT0M said.
I hope you understand my argument :+1:t2:


Faceit can use plugin the let you punish or warn a teammate. Those were used in CS and CSS on private servers and were very effective. TKd players could choose warn, after 2 warn offender could be bannned.

After several bans, he would loose his faceit account. This is very simple. Friendly fire is a must…


I know it can be used on community servers, but it does not sound competitive-like at all to me.

I mean punishing/warning/forgiving is what does not seem like a good fit for competitive matches.


As far as I am aware of, Friendly fire is enabled in Tournaments, just not in PUG matches.


Sure is, but people simply cannot play tournaments due to lack of time. Many, and I’m sure majority of players would like to enjoy the game it is in common match.


and if someone want to laddering up in faceit lvl?
why you don’t punish this behaviour?


and the intentional teamdamage seem like a good fit for competitive matches…


I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply. I just said that in my opinion punishing/warning/forgiving plugins were what seems well suited for community servers, not competitive matches.

No matter what the punishment would be, I think such system could be abused easily.

If you want to play with Friendly Fire enabled, you can play tournaments or join hubs with 5v5 Team Damage game mode. If you want to know what a hub is, please read this support article:


ok… i go to ESEA… Faceit is crap… the players who play unfairly get the support from admins…


I’m sorry you see it this way.

First of all, I am a Forum Moderator. Secondly, opinions are my own. Last but not least, I’m afraid you missed the point of all my posts in this thread.


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ESEA does not not have friendly fire in pugs either, sadly…