Hour restriction for DotA 2 and other stuff



There are many players in DotA 2 playing with low level Accounts.
My recent games I played with Lvl 14, 15,… ingeneral players with a low number of hours in this game.
These are all smurfers and they all ruin the game by feeding (himself or the currier), blocking the jungle with wards, following the carry (24/7), steal every single last hit.

These are the players who create constantly new accounts on faceit and steam.

In TF2 and CS:GO there are already hours restrictions. That should be included in DotA 2 as well.
The Number of hours should be ATLEAST 800 or higher, so we can sure the player did something in this time (honstly, who stays 800 hours afk only for playing on faceit).

Another point is: Reported people should be looked personaly about their last games, so they can be FINALY banned (and that permanent hopefully), because nobody likes playing with Bastards who ruin your game, neither staying afk in base nor feeding the enemy nor ruining the carry’s efficiency.


I agree with you, those faceit daily arcana’s are so bad like every game u play ur team throw and probably u play against 5 premade who win by just pick…